Franck Goldberg

Art of Photography

Franck is French born and was raised in the cities of Paris and Nantes. He studied acting at the Nantes Conservatory and toured with provincial theater companies.

In the late sixties he began his immersion in American Culture as he spent his summers in northern California. In 1980, he moved to the East Village in NYC and joined the downtown artist community. Franck’s art education was shaped by working at the Museum of Modern Art and the Dia Art Foundation. He assisted on commercial photo shoots and music videos and made two video documentaries, "Who Killed Michael Stewart? (1984)," about a young Black man killed by the NYC Transit police and “How to Squash a Squat” (1990) about the squatters' movement. Recent screenings include the Guggenheim Museum, the New Museum, and the Museum of Reclaimed Urban Spaces. During the nineties, Franck lived in Miami, Florida, and honed his skills working on editorial photo shoots for various publications and modeling agencies. Upon returning to NY, he off-line edited "Downtown 81," a lost film featuring Jean Michel Basquiat. He has photographed in France, Senegal, Northern India, New Orleans, and New York City. He studied at the International Center for Photography. He currently lives in NJ with his family, where he continues to work on his photography as well as on the licensing of his video archives.

In 2021, Franck received a NJ State Art Fellowship for Photography.