Visual Arts Anime / Manga

A fascinating subject that many professional animators have captured online, on TV and in video games. Anime, a word for Japanese animation, includes comics called manga with fictional characters that exaggerate the human form. The class centers around the figure, where anatomy, construction and movement are studied in conjunction with each other. In addition to figure construction, students learn about costume design, gesture, facial expression, inking and color techniques.


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Visual Arts Anime/Manga

A cartoonist and illustrator, Everest uses their work to explore absurdity, storytelling, and surrealism. Ev's professional career started at The Imaginate, a literary magazine to which they contributed both illustration and graphic design services. Everest continued their design work in corporate settings for several years before shifting to independent work with a stronger focus on illustration, although their design philosophy still comes through in their preference for striking, easy-to-parse artwork. A sampling of their work is visible online at