Noelle LiVolsi


Noelle LiVolsi is an illustrator, muralist, and graphic designer based on the Jersey Shore. After a childhood of drawing backyard bugs with boxes of markers, she honed her skills as an illustrator at the Fashion Institute of Technology. She has been a professional freelance artist for the past five years, continuing to experiment and create pieces in a wide range of media. Noelle's usage of bold shapes, movement, and vibrant colors bring a sharp but playful feel to her work. Her art adorns the walls, apparel, and packaging of restaurants and cafes along the New Jersey coast, for individuals, local businesses, and international companies alike. Her keen eye for movement and composition helps her make appetizing art for food, beverage, and entertainment businesses. Noelle's love of her local community is on display in advertisements, posters, and logos for events throughout New York and New Jersey. When she is not making art, she can be found exploring the outdoors, going to concerts, and hosting board game nights.