Molly McGrath


Molly McGrath is a dance artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Molly graduated Cum Laude from Mason Gross School of the Arts in 2015. While at school Molly performed faculty works by John Evans, Keith Thompson, Julia Ritter, and Kim Gibalisco. She also had the pleasure of working with guest artists Laura Peterson, Meghan Frederick, Niv Sheinfeld and Oren Loar, and Shen Wei Dance Arts. Molly received an Outstanding Choreography Achievement Award for her senior piece ‚ÄúPlease Watch For Important Tips on Assembly‚ÄĚ. Upon graduation Molly became a founding member of Lauren Beirne Dance Works performing from 2015-2016 in and around the tri state area. Molly has been a guest artist with Laura Peterson, Meghan Frederick Practice Project, and Body Party by Dakota Bouher performing at various venues in Manhattan and Brooklyn. As a choreographer, Molly and now husband Shawn Brush formed Brush/McGrath (works) in 2016 performing at Triskelion Arts, Judson Church, and Green Space. Molly was also a guest choreographer with The New Collectives for their dance theater piece ‚ÄúThe Occasion of Existence‚ÄĚ which premiered in 2017. Molly has presented other works of solo and group choreography in NYC as well as in Seattle. Molly is currently still collaborating with Shawn Brush and is looking forward to creating more dance works.